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Besides being a beautiful country with wonderful landscapes, a Brazilian-like climate, if you are a student, you are still allowed to work 40 biweekly hours while you are studying, and unlimited hours when you are on vacation. There a lot of people take the opportunity to make some extra money and to explore Australia or neighbouring countries. We have selected some opportunities for you.

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All you need to know about work in Australia.

T about coming to Australia or you just arrived, one of the big questions among students is: Will I get a fast job? The answer is simple: it’s up to you and your level of English. The better your English, the better the job opportunities.

To help you with this journey, 360 Degree offers courses, workshops, lectures and all the assistance needed to get a job. Weekly we released a list of jobs with the main jobs available in the country to give that extra push.


In Full Time, or full-time work, the working relationships are permanent, on average, about 38 hours per week. Suitable for those who have the Working Holiday Visa or international students who are on vacation.

In Part Time or part-time work, the work permit is twenty hours per week, or as is the case with the student visa, 48 fortnightly hours.

Casual Work is according to the needs of the company, with no fixed schedule. One of the most offered for international students.

Work permit

When you arrive in Australia, you will need to arrange your Tax File Number (TFN), which is like a CPF requested by the employer as soon as you are hired. In addition to the TFN, depending on the area in which you will work, other courses and licenses will also be required. These licenses are required by law, so they should be taken seriously. For example, if you go to bars, restaurants and events, you must have the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), which you can get by taking a day course. The same goes for those who wish to work in the construction area, in which case the White Card will be requested.

Useful Courses

Depending on the area you are working in, some training courses are required. These are quick courses in which you will learn about the technical part and the specific legislation of the area and, in the end, take an exam. After these steps, you will receive your certificate or your license and will be able to enter the job market.

The main courses are: Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA), which teaches about legislation and how to sell alcoholic beverages with responsibility; RCG (Responsible Conduct of Gambling), which is required by betting and gaming establishments in general; White Card (General Construction Induction Card), for the construction industry, which teaches basic principles on health and safety at work, accident prevention and aspects of legislation related to labour compensation

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