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Check out our ranking of the 6 indispensable apps for those who live in Australia. Do you know them all?


Unocart makes grocery shopping easier and cheaper! With this totally free app you can check the latest catalogues from the major supermarket chains such as Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, IGA. You can type the name of a product, compare prices, create a shopping list across all stores, shop online and get it delivered to you.


Gumtree is the most popular website for buying and selling goods and services in Australia. With the app you can sell and find through categories that include: Home&Garden, Cars, Jobs, Sport & Fitness, Eletronics, Business Services and Real State. Warning! When it comes to informal trades you can never be too careful. Before any transaction, search for ratings and personal references from the seller.


I have recently surrendered to the Uber’s main competitor: Ola! Besides being slightly cheaper rides, the network of registered drivers is quite big and after chatting with the Ola! drivers I found out that Ola! pays slightly higher rates to the drivers. Download the app and use this code to get $ 20 off your first order: AQP16XU.

Uber Eats

Food delivery services are increasingly popular in Australia. Find food you love from local restaurants and get it delivered right to your doorstep. The service is very fast and you can track it in real time. Use the code below to get $ 15 off on your first order: eats-dp8c5vg6ue.

Opal Travel

If you use the public transport in NSW you might want to download this app. With this app you can register your card, check the balance, recharge, cancel (if you lose) and transfer credits to a new card. Another good thing is that you can save your debit card details and top up a certain amount you want every time the balance is low. It can’t get any easier than that!

Trip View Lite

This app is also for those who use public transport in NSW. Its differential when compared to other apps like Google Maps is that it shows the bus / train route in real time. And it also informs any changes or delays in the services, such as traffic jam or trackwork. This makes it much easier to plan your trip!