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360 Degree Agency is turning 5!


Your favorite agency is turning 5! It’s time to celebrate with you all, our dear clients who quite often become our friends. And as good things in life are even better when shared, in our 5 years celebration the gift is for you along with your friends! That’s right! We will be giving away $100 in gift cards in total.

Come and participate in our anniversary promotion and bring your friends along, so we can be part of their adventure in Australia as well. By referring a friend, or friends, to the 360 Degree Agency you can win a gift card worth AUD 50.00 to spend as you wish. And the best part of it: your friend wins too! As we said, good things in life are better when shared!

In another words: it’s AUD 100.00 to spend as you like!

Come and celebrate with us!


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The 2019 festival is Vivid Sydney’s 11th anniversary and is the biggest light and music festival of the southern hemisphere! It is three weeks of spectacular light displays – from the 24th of May to the 15th of June 2019 and includes displays on icons such as the Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Customs House plus special events at Taronga Zoo.

360 Degree tip: You want to take the most of the special event? Plan to visit early in the week and avoid weekends. Seems logical, but we do tend to forget these things. You’ll avoid the worst of the crowds, and there’s a greater chance you’ll have that installation all to yourself.

Vivid Sydney cruises: There are many ways you can enjoy Vivid! Have you thought about a cruise through the Harbour? Cruises start at under $20 per person and usually include a drink or food. Vivid Cruises also tend to be cheaper on weekdays and depart after the workday is done. Most leave from King Street Wharf in Darling Harbour and pass under the Harbour Bridge toward the Opera House, letting you see some of the event’s best illuminations up close.

We always think about helping people in need, but in our fast paced life sometimes we don’t give it the proper attention. What if we start choosing products and enterprises that support people and the planet?

At Langports you find everything you look in an English school: education excellence, extra curriculum activities, great infrastructure, cultural exchange, friends from all over the world.

What many people don’t know is that the Sydney Campus of this prestigious English College is a non-for-profit organisation.  That’s right! 100% of its profits goes to the Langports Foundation, a charity that provides educational opportunities for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. One of the Projects, for instance, the Yalari Scholarship, provides funds for scholarships for Indigenous children to attend private Australian high schools.

Education is in the core business of this English College.  And only by being a student at Langports Sydney, you are already making a difference. There are many other projects. Check out the website foundation to learn more: www.thelangportsfoundation.com.

Check out our ranking of the 6 indispensable apps for those who live in Australia. Do you know them all?


Unocart makes grocery shopping easier and cheaper! With this totally free app you can check the latest catalogues from the major supermarket chains such as Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, IGA. You can type the name of a product, compare prices, create a shopping list across all stores, shop online and get it delivered to you.


Gumtree is the most popular website for buying and selling goods and services in Australia. With the app you can sell and find through categories that include: Home&Garden, Cars, Jobs, Sport & Fitness, Eletronics, Business Services and Real State. Warning! When it comes to informal trades you can never be too careful. Before any transaction, search for ratings and personal references from the seller.


I have recently surrendered to the Uber’s main competitor: Ola! Besides being slightly cheaper rides, the network of registered drivers is quite big and after chatting with the Ola! drivers I found out that Ola! pays slightly higher rates to the drivers. Download the app and use this code to get $ 20 off your first order: AQP16XU.

Uber Eats

Food delivery services are increasingly popular in Australia. Find food you love from local restaurants and get it delivered right to your doorstep. The service is very fast and you can track it in real time. Use the code below to get $ 15 off on your first order: eats-dp8c5vg6ue.

Opal Travel

If you use the public transport in NSW you might want to download this app. With this app you can register your card, check the balance, recharge, cancel (if you lose) and transfer credits to a new card. Another good thing is that you can save your debit card details and top up a certain amount you want every time the balance is low. It can’t get any easier than that!

Trip View Lite

This app is also for those who use public transport in NSW. Its differential when compared to other apps like Google Maps is that it shows the bus / train route in real time. And it also informs any changes or delays in the services, such as traffic jam or trackwork. This makes it much easier to plan your trip!

If you live in Australia you have noticed that the coffee culture here is very strong! They love to eat breakfast out and are super picky about their coffee: they like to understand the origin of the grain and value a freshly roasted bean. But sit back and relax, we prepared a list below with some very common items served in cafes in Australia, so you can nail it your next trial!

  • Bacon and egg roll

Bread with bacon, egg and a sauce of your choice (tomato and barbecue sauce are the most popular, but garlic aioli and mayonnaise are also amongst the options).

  • Banana bread

It’s like a sliced ​​banana cake. The most traditional way of eating it is toasted with butter. It’s a delight!

  • Eggs on toast

Accompany your choice of bread (sourdough, white, multigrain, etc.), and your choice of egg (scrambled, fried or poached). Some extras are also offered such as spinach, halloumi and bacon, roasted tomato.

  • Ham and cheese Croissant

Croissant with ham and cheese that can be served toasted or fresh.


Short: Expresso, Piccolo, Machiatto.

Long: Latte, Cappucino, Flat White, Mocha, Long Black, Chai Latte,

Types of Milk: Almond, Coconut, Soy, Skim and Full cream.

Variations: Decaf, Strong, Weak, ¾ full, sweetener, Iced, extra hot, to name a few.

Of course, every cafe has its particularities that your future boss will explain to you in details over time. Out tip for you is, become familiar with the menu first, be punctual, show interest and positive attitude.

Good luck!

You may have heard that Australia has one of the highest costs of living in the world! But, after all, what is the cost of living in Australia? Read below and get the facts straight!

About the accommodation profile:

If your preference is to live in a prime area of ​​Sydney (like on the beach or CBD) you can pay between $200 and $ 250 Australian dollars for a shared room! But if you choose to live in the suburbs for example, you can find a single room for the same price. For more references of values, look on the website Flatmates.com.au.

If you are planning your trip to Sydney, take note that most of the expenses here are weekly, and so is our estimate. Check it out:

Accommodation:  from $200 to $300 per week
Transportation: from $25 to $50 per week
Groceries: from $20 to $35 per week
Phone: $10 to $15 per week
Extras (parties, Uber, clothing, restaurant, etc): from $45 to $90 per week

Total: from $300 to $490 per week.

Attention! This is just an estimate! Everyone has different preferences and lifestyle.

That amount excludes costs with school.

How does that sound to you? If you think it is a bit overpriced, you are not alone, but wages in Australia are considered to be one of the bests in the world, so having a working experience here can be very rewarding.

Best of luck!

Bali is just one of many islands that composes Indonesia’s archipelago. The proximity to Australia, its natural and cultural wonders and the affordable price makes it a must-visit destination in Southeast Asia.

Bali pleases all types of travellers, from surfers chasing the perfect wave to yoga and vegan lovers. We have written some hot tips below that you don’t want to miss:

  • Ubud is home to many temples, markets, artistic performances and waterfalls, as well as the iconic rice terrace. If your trip is short, make sure to pay a driver for a one-day-tour. They will charge you approximately 50AUD per day but you will visit many different places and worry-free. In the end is totally worth it.
  • Stay tuned for flight ticket sales! The “I Know The Pilot” website is constantly e-mailing hot deals as cheap as 200AUD return departing from Sydney.
  • Don’t forget to take light clothes and repellents with you – mosquitoes are part of the package – and use Google Maps to download the offline city map since the local internet is not very trustworthy.
  • Don’t go to Uluwatu without visiting the most famous local bar: The Single Fin. You don’t want to miss the sunset there – the vibe is incredible and the view is breathtaking.
  • The local currency is the Indonesian Rupiah. 1 Australian dollar (AUD) is roughly 10,000 rupees. If you are a Commonwealth Bank client, you will find a few Commonwealth ATM there too, at a very low fee. Do not forget to inform the bank when doing an overseas travel otherwise you might have problem using your card.
  • Many people experience vomiting and diarrhea, known as “belly Bali”, which can be caused either by poor hygiene or simply by having your body exposed to the local bacteria. We recommend to wash your hands more often than you would at home, drink bottled water, avoid raw foods or undercooked meat, do not exaggerate the alcohol consumption and look for restaurants with a good reference!

Have these tips handy and enjoy what this incredible island has to offer! Have a good trip.

What is the best age to do an overseas exchange program?

20, 30, 40 years … What is the best age to pack your bags and study abroad? Most of the time the old concerns are motivated by social standards, that old idea that, along with the stamp on the passport, you get a permission to do everything you would not do back in your country.

It turns out this image has already been changing. Many people seek a life abroad for so many reasons. Especially after a certain age, you see this decision as a wonderful opportunity to rediscover yourself, leave behind old patterns and develop a new version of yourself.

It is important to keep in mind that our age is nothing but a reference of when you were born. And the truth is, we all have an expiry date, but we don’t know when we are due. So make the most of your life, live, cry, cheer, learn, travel, love, journey, learnings and experiences!

Tick this off your bucket list! And if you need our support, count us in! We will be happy to support you.